About us

videochannel.iliauni.edu.ge is a portal that allows everyone to be a lecturer or student, to teach and learn, to ask questions and receive responses, to share knowledge and accomplishments and build the competence others are willing to share.

videochannel.iliauni.edu.ge is the only educational portal where all of us have the same opportunities and chances. Your enthusiasm that pushes you to share knowledge, experience and intellectual capacities is not restricted by absence or presence of any academic/professional degree or by walls and rules of particular offices.

In this space your willingness to be more proficient will not be restrained by your status or by the lack of time. If you decide to participate in a discussion after you have attended the online lecture, or answer the questions, the only possible constraints will be your personal time or the time zone you are in.

We believe in that the contemporary educational resources are much broader than it is offered in the existing physical or virtual educational structures.   videochannel.iliauni.edu.ge is an attempt to step over the limits allowing citizens of our universe to learn and to teach. That helps us survive in the world which becomes more and more knowledge-based. Or, to put it in other words: videochannel.iliauni.edu.ge will help us live better and be successful.

 So, join us, share yourself with the universe and the universe will respond you the same way. Allocate yourself in the Universe of Education. We are sure that videochannel.iliauni.edu.ge will make the world you live in a little better.


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